Great Jazz Drummers

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Rashied Ali Stéphane Foucher Matt Jorgensen  Aldo Romano

 Carl Allen

  Vernel Fournie Connie Kay Jorge Rossi
Charly Antolini Panama Francis David King  Ed Shaughnessy
Louie Bellson  Artt Franck  Gene Krupa  Marvin 'Smitty' Smith

 Cindy Blackman

 Steve Gadd  Mel Lewis   Steve Smith 

Ed Blackwel

 Christian Garros  Stan Levey Bill Stewart
Art Blakey Eric Kamau Gravat Pete LaRoca Sim  Tani Tabbal
Roy Brooks  Chico Hamilton  Shelly Manne  Grady Tate

 Terri Lyne Carrington

 Jake Hanna  Art Mardigan  Art Taylor

Jimmy Cobb

 Eric Harland

Stanton Moore Ed Thigpen
 Andrew Cyrille Winard Harper Joe Morello Clark tracey
 Dennis Chambers Beaver Harris  Paul Motian   Christian Vander
Joe Chambers   Billy Hart Louis Moutin Nashret Waith
 N'dugu Chancler  Louis Hayes Alphonse Mouzon Kenny Washington
Kenny Clarke  Roy Haynes  Adam Nussbaum  Jeff Tain Watts
 Bill Cobham  Albert Tootie Heath Lewis Nash Klaus Weiss
Sid Callett  Billy Higgins  Spencer O' neil Paul Wertico
 Cozy Cole Daniel Humair  Sonny Payne Steve White
Alan Dawson  Roger Humphries Clarence Penn  Tony Williams
Jack Dejohnette Lex Humphries Charlie Persip  Shadow Wilson
 Manuel Denizet  Greg Hutchinson Gérard "Dave" Pochonet Matt Wilson
 Warren "Baby" Dodds Susie Ibarra Buddy Rich  Gene Wright
Famadou Don Moye  Tommy Igoe Dannie Richmond Karim Ziad 
Billy Drummond Elvin Jones Ben Riley  
 Peter Erskine Harold Jones John Riley  
Janne Erssen "Papa" Joe Jones Max Roach  
 Al Foster  Philly Joe Jones Mickey Roker  

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More jazz drummers
François Coquet

Vincent Crépel

Philippe Crestee

Jean Marc Duménil


Franck Enouf

Nicolas Candé

Philippe Marchesetti

et moi et moi et moi ...

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Great Female drummers ...   ... a few of them


Cindy Blackman   Terri Lyne Carrington
Camille Gainer   Susie Ibarra
Hilary Jones   Debbe Peterson
Sherrie Maricle   Meg White
Roxy Petrucci   Sylvia Cuenca

Drummer's tip of the day


These tips are from masters of jazz drumming, and they are very  valuable. I will add some more now and again.

"After you've mastered technique and you've got good hands, goot feet, and good coordinations, the next step is developing ideas"

- Max Roach

"Memorize the chart(s) so you no longer have to read. Keep the music in your head, not your head in the music."

 - Shirley Maricle

"Don't play FOR people. Play WITH people."

- Papa Jo jones



More tips for drummers

NB You will find below a collection of tips I gleaned on various forums devoted to the art od drumming. I re-arranged them to form a  logical sequence, but in my opinion, the greatest tip of all is "practice with a good teacher".

General Tips

Set high goals!

Listen to all kinds of drummers

Learn all grooves

Learn all styles and alter them to fit your needs

Learn to read notes

Say it and play it

Write it out

Slowly catch the monkey

Set simple achievable goals when practising


Be accurate! Avoid automatic playing!

Repetitiveness and overlearning

Don't play things only once. Play stuff 2 or 3 times at different speeds!

Memorize in order to free yourself from the score and be able to improvise.

Pretend you are the drummer

Play along a CD

Rehearse with buds


7 Essentials for drummers

1. Solid time

in order to get solid chops

Drummers are the keepers of time!

2. Musicality

3. Never overplay

Keep everything smooth and accurate.

4. Good dynamics

(at all tempo)

5. Strong chops

(fastest + coordination)

6. Early bird

7. Positive attitude

Don't get despaired by frustration. Things will come right anyway!

No one wants to play with negative people.

Resources for Jazz drummers
Click to listen

3/4 with a latin 6/8 feel

6/8 feel à la Art Blakey

  12/8 pattern for jazz

à la Elvin Jones

RL RL RR LR concept

Drum Bum has a famous Drum Lessons / Tabs Database with over 400 links to FREE drum lessons and drum tabs. A valuable resource utilized by leading players and music educators worldwide.

     Articles about jazz drumming

  Why was Take Five a hit? by Bert Sholtes

   Some thought about time by Steve Korn

   Choosing the right equipment by Steve Smith

   Tips Toward Effective Practice by Mike Myers

   Trading fours  by Paul Wertico

   Tips for Jazz drumming by Sherrie Miracle

   Jazz Drumming Jumpstart  by Kevin Barrett

 Ouvrages et méthodes pour la batterie Jazz      

Mon Dico du batteur




Elvin Jones

Daniel Humair

Jack Dejohnette


Art Blakey

Max Roach

Tony Williams


Buddy Rich & Gene Kelly

Gene Krupa & Benny Goodman

Eric Harland


Spencer O' Neil

Ndugu Chancler

Janne Erssen


Aldo Romano


Franck Enouf

Paul Motian



Christophe Lecordier

Thomas Dieu

Christian Garros



Phillipe Marchesetti


Philippe Crestée


Nicolas Candé






 Moi  (slowly  re-catching the monkey)


Jean Marc Duménil


François Coquet





Merci à tous ces  professeurs pour leurs leçons de batterie, et en particulier Frank Enouf  (EMIJ), Jean Marc Duménil (EIJ), Phillipe Marchesetti (Agostini), Nicolas Candé (Agostini) et mon fils Christophe qui m'ont aidé à reprendre le chemin de la batterie en me prodiguant leurs conseils avisés. Les rencontrer m'a permis d'évaluer les limites de mon jeu et de progresser dans la bonne direction.


A lot more on Bernhard Castiglioni's website.

The greatest website ever about drummers.



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