"The Lord is a shoving leopard." - William A. Spooner  -->  The Lord is a loving shepherd.


Spoonerisms are named after the Reverent William A. Spooner (1844-1930), an English Clergyman who uttered them frequently and apparently involuntarily. They are one kind of metathesis, that is the transposition of sounds in a pair of of words or phrases, more often than not initial sounds. Spoonerisms are either the result of verbal pratfalls, inadvertent slips or deliberate wit.

Le terme "spoonerism" tire son origine du Révérent anglais William A. Spooner (1844-1930) dont les "lapsus" sont restés célèbres. Sorte de métathèse reposant sur l'interversion des sons initiaux dans une paire de mots ou d'expressions, le spoonerism peut aussi être la manifestation d'un trait d'esprit délibéré.

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  1  The Lord is a shoving leopard.  
  2  It's pouring with rain.  
  3  I fool a little feelish.  
  4  He has very mad banners.  
  5  You'll have to tease my ears.  
  6  I'm going to shake a tower.  
  7  The night club performers presented their stunning cunts  
  8  After a bath, every girl has her soul full of hope.  
  9   A half formed wish  
  11  Go and fetch the "Please Chatter"  
  12  When Mum and Dad get upset, they become  mum and dadd.  
  13  A rental deceptionist  
  14  A blushing crow  
  15  Our queer old Dean  

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