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Tips for drummers

Here's a collection of tips I gleaned on various forums devoted to the art of drumming. I re-arranged them to form a  logical sequence, but in my opinion, the greatest tip of all is "practice with a good teacher". And remember: 1 rudiment a day keeps your grade an A!

1. Solid time in order to get solid chops!

2. Musicality

3. Never overplay! Keep everything smooth and accurate.

4. Good dynamics (at all tempo)

5. Strong chops

6. Early bird

9. Listen to all kinds of drummers

10. Learn all grooves

11. Learn all styles and alter them to fit your need

12. Learn to read notes

13. Say it and play it

14. Write it out

15. Slowly catch the monkey

16. Set simple achievable goals when practising

17. Subdivide

18. Be accurate! Avoid automatic playing!

19. Repetitiveness and overlearning

20. Don't play things only once. Play stuff 2 or 3 times at different speeds!

21. Memorize in order to free yourself from the score and be able to improvise.

22. Play along a CD and pretend you are the drummer

23. Rehearse with budsaired by frustration. Things will come right anyw

Master Speak

Read my collection of  famous quotes by masters of jazz drumming

A lot more on Bernhard Castiglioni's website.



The greatest website ever about drummers.



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